International Boyfriend Day

Started by Sergqas, Sep 20, 2023, 11:20 PM

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 Hello   comrades !
Each of Us is accustomed to the fact that there are several official holidays in a year. But what about the fact that there are thousands of these holidays and they happen every day. And we just don't notice ...

Holidays are different.
• Birthday, Name Yourself Day , Wedding are personal holidays.
New Year Eve, New Year 8 March, Mother'S Day 2023, Father'S Day 2023 - everyone's favorite holidays.
Labor Day 2023 , Memorial Day 2023 , Thanksgiving 2022 , Inauguration Day 2023 are official holidays.
Christmas , New Year , Passover , Ramadan , Easter 2023 are religious holidays.
World Peace Day , Sun Day , Disarmament Week are international holidays.
Comic Book Day 2023 , Boss'S Day 2023, Friendship Day 2023 , Bicycle Day 2023 are professional holidays.
The history of the emergence of holidays features of celebrations in different countries, advice on organizing and holding any holiday - all this can be found on our portal.
A holiday is a state of mind. Choose your holiday!
And here are a few more holidays that you may not have even heard of:
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Cliche Day
Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day 2023
Squirrel Appreciation Day 2023
Lumberjack Day
The Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023
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Boyfriend's Day